About Us

In the high competition of today’s market in Iraq, we believe that we need more than just a good product to satisfy our customers. Hence at Almasra Scientific Bureau​, we believe that we are able to do more each year to elevate the satisfaction of our current clients, as well as obtaining new ones.

We always look forward for having new partnerships with new vendors were we believe in mutual successful market supplies.

Shihab Ahmed


Our Vision

We feel the warmth of trust in our customers' eyes.

Almasra Scientific Bureau​ is your doorstep to every novelty in the technical world of the medical products.

Our determination is to the edge of your satisfaction and far beyond. We are confident enough to deal with bright global brand and powerful names presenting them to Iraqi market.

Our insistence on quality and meticulous transactions ensures lifetime clients’ satisfaction. Be in control and trust your words of mouth just because we are always responsible and just because we are majestic customer.

Almasra means to enjoy your right choice of trust.